Will employees bow down to stricter RTO policies?

There’s a fight going on in the workplace and how it ends could shape what the office looks like for decades to come.

Will employees be given the freedom to work from a location of their choosing? Or will a few, mostly larger organizations force employees back to commuting to the office, reversing the work-from-home revolution of the last four years?

Though many employees have settled into a remote work groove, others have recently received word that new stricter policies are in effect.

Big-name companies requiring employees to return to the office (RTO) include Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, BlackRock, Boeing, Chipotle, Dell, Disney, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Jotform, JPMorgan Chase, Meta, SAP, Starbucks, Tesla, TikTok, UPS, Walmart, X, and Zoom. Some mandate five days a week in the office — and threaten termination for non-compliance. If these companies succeed, other companies may well follow suit.

IBM, for example, is demanding that managers relocate if they are not within 50 miles of an IBM office and be in that office three days a week. Meanwhile, at SAP, Amazon, and other companies, thousands of employees have signed petitions against their companies’ newly tightened RTO policies. It’s doubtful petitions will have a significant effect. But some affected employees might well decide to keep working from home anyway and force their companies to either look the other way or fire them.

Fortune magazine maintains a useful downloadable spreadsheet showing the stricter RTO policies of 100 or so companies. It apparently updates the spreadsheet on a monthly basis.

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