Noname Security Builds Scalable and Cost-Effective API Security Solution

I’m thrilled to announce that Noname Security has collaborated with Intel to build the most scalable and cost-effective API security solution. Through its work with Intel, Noname has optimized its AI/ML operations by over 30% on the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor. This solution enables customers to now protect more APIs per CPU than ever before while lowering their monthly operational costs.

Additionally, they can standardize on Intel processors for both their cloud environments or in their own data center and get consistent results.

Value of integrated solution to Cloud Architects and organizations

Noname utilizes AI/ML, specifically unsupervised machine learning, to identify and remediate security issues for APIs in cloud and on-prem environments. Intel has optimized its CPUs for processing complex AI/ML algorithms required to analyze API traffic. This optimization enables Noname to: 

  • Process real-time API application traffic
  • Perform deeper analysis of APIs and application traffic 
  • Reduce latency in API analysis

Value to customers

For our customers, the collaboration means:

  • Faster and more granular identification of API security issues before or immediately after deployment  
  • Significantly better price/performance for on-prem and cloud-hosted devices

Monthly operational costs are lower with the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors when compared to other CPU platforms. Noname is working with Intel on documenting the overall performance gains and cost savings for Noname AI/ML on the AWS and Azure platforms and will be publishing those results soon.

Finally, for customers, there is absolutely no change in deployment required to run on the Intel platform. Simply choose an Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor-based platform from your cloud provider or your vendor for on-prem infrastructure. Noname will perform a standard installation and there aren’t any special maintenance procedures afterward. Should an existing cloud customer wish to migrate to an Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform, the Noname customer success team is ready and willing to help.

Want to learn more about APIs and how to secure them?

  1. To learn more about Intel’s CPU optimization of AI processing, please read the Intel AI optimization brief.
  2. Learn the basics about APIs and securing them at Noname API Academy.
  3. Apply for a Noname Workshopto learn more about API Security.
  4. Request a meeting with a Noname Solutions Architect to better understand how API security can help your organization.

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