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An affordable option for your fancy fixtures.

The Wyze Bulb Color BR30 over a photo of a living room with recessed lighting.

Available today, the new Wyze Bulb Color BR30 packs all the features you’d expect from a smart bulb. But it offers one important feature—a design that’s perfect for recessed lighting and can-styled fixtures.

This is a pretty straightforward product. The Wyze Bulb Color BR30 is dimmable and offers over 16 million different color choices for serious customization. You can schedule lighting scenes in the Wyze app, control the bulbs with Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, or build automated lighting routines for a truly smart home.

And like other Wyze bulbs, the Bulb Color BR30 packs a few pre-made routines to help you get up and running. A Sun Mode optimizes indoor lighting based on the time of day, while Sleep Routines allow the lights to slowly dim as you fall asleep (and brighten as you wake up).

Obviously, there’s nothing stopping you from using an A19-style bulb in your recessed fixtures. But a proper BR30 bulb is a better option—it uses a directional light, ensuring a bright and clean look.

You can order the Wyze Bulb Color BR30 today. A two-pack of the bulbs costs $24, while a four-pack is $44. Note that these prices do not include shipping.

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