Windows 11 Will Help You Block Unimportant App Notifications

Computer with Windows Lock Screen
Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Push notifications can get annoying, and some apps really want to spam them. Windows has plenty of controls that ensure you can disable/enable notifications from any app at any time. Soon, Windows 11 will remind you to use those controls.

If you haven’t interacted with notifications for an app for some time, and it’s clear you’re just ignoring them, Windows will ask if you want to turn off notifications for that app. The feature is called notification suggestions. The setting will only stop the toast notification from appearing on your screen, but it won’t stop the notifications from showing up in the notification center.


Certain notifications can be a visual distraction, especially in the case of those apps that frequently spam notifications for no clear reason in an attempt to remind you to use them. While it would be better for users to be allowed to turn them off completely, this will ensure that they, at least, don’t bother you.

This feature is rolling out to some PCs in the Windows Insider program right now, and if there are no significant problems, it could roll out to everyone on Windows 11 within the next few months.

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