What is Web Push for Web Apps on iPhone and iPad?

Apple, as expected, has rolled out support for Web Push on iOS and iPadOS in iOS 16.4, which arrived this week. Here’s a look at what it is and how it might be a welcome addition for users and even for business.

What is Web Push for Web Apps?

Web Push makes it possible for web developers to send push notifications to users. The idea is that websites can easily be added to the iPhone or iPad Home from within the Share menu, after which developers can send those notifications.

How do notifications appear in Web Push?

Notifications are made visible in the same way as for any iOS app. That means when you look at the app icon on the Home screen, you’ll see the number of incoming notifications from that app through the use of a new Badging API.

How do I control Web App permissions?

Permission for a Home Screen web app to use this tool is automatically granted when you give a site permission to send notifications, such as when tapping a “Subscribe” button on the original site. Once you place a web app on your Home Page and give it permission to send notifications, you’ll be able to manage those permissions in Notification Settings.

Where do you see Web Push notifications?

Web Push notifications work like notifications from other apps. You’ll find them in the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and on a paired Apple Watch.

Are browsers other than Safari supported with Web Push?

Yes. Apple is making it possible for third-party browsers to add sites and web apps to the Home Screen.

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