What developers should do during a downturn

Many young developers today do not remember the time of the shedding and cold rocks, let alone the dotcom bomb (or its associated fansite). Before each of these collapses, the fat times felt like they would never end. But fat times always give way to lean times and layoffs. Even if you are in a stable position, it is wise to prepare for the unexpected.

Companies started enticing employees with free drinks just before the 2000 dotcom bomb. Silicon Valley started serving employees free food before the 2008 recession. Granted, free food and drinks are enticements to stay in the office, but in lean times… there are layoffs. These perks go away, or you’re encouraged not to use them.

Every tech boom has an accompanying bust. Depending on where you are in your career, you’ll be affected differently. Here are some things developers should do during these lean times.

Don’t despair

First off, lean times rarely last long. If you are unlucky enough to become unemployed, there is usually some work if you’re motivated enough to find it. It may not be what you want, but it will pay the bills.

Freelance work can be easier to find than full-time work. However, remember that freelancing comes with administrative overhead, like billing and time tracking. Set a rate that covers the difference. Be wary of “contract to hire” if that comes with a lower rate. Frequently the “hire” never comes, and often the regular contracts turn into hires anyhow.

Get a tune-up

Particularly if you have worked only at one company for a long while, it may be time to “upskill” yourself. There are more ways than ever to do this. While there are a lot of expensive so-called boot camps, these are lean times, and frankly, some of them are predatory. Consider self-study using MOOCs like Coursera, Udemy, Saylor, and EdX. These have university-style courses that are free or low-cost.

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