Video Interviewing Apps: The Future of Remote Candidate Assessment

The Covid lockdown has changed a lot in the professional landscape, and even though the world is back to normal now, some pandemic-inspired changes are not going away. For starters, many professionals have savored the benefits of a more flexible schedule, and some are not that eager to return to their offices full-time. And the massive popularity surge of video conferencing tools, like Zoom, has put more purpose-centric video apps into the spotlight. 


Many of the recruiting tools we are about to discuss have been designed before the pandemic. Still, they remained in the shade until the social and professional situation unexpectedly changed. Today, recruiters can embrace more video conferencing apps designed with HR purposes in mind — and the best part is that the candidates are used to the concept already!


MyInterview is one of the most essential apps for interviewing candidates. It is a one-way platform that allows recruiters to create job offers and send invites (via email or SMS) for a video interview to potential candidates. The app works particularly well in combination with contact-finding tools like SignalHire that allow bulk searches for professional contacts by industry, job title, professional experience, and so on. But it also works alone, especially if you already have enough candidates in your contact list. 


There is also an option of customizing interview questions and prompts or adding your brand logo, custom colors, and images. You can create different job offer projects and access them all via a simple, intuitive dashboard. As soon as the candidates start responding to your interview prompts with their videos, you will be able to access them via the same dashboard. 

The app also has AI features for automatically shortlisting the most suitable candidates based on the customizable criteria you set for each job offer. So, it works like resume parsing but with actual video recording that helps you better understand the shortlisted candidates.


One of the many advantages of MyInterview is its affordable pricing plans, starting at $99 per month. However, this version supports only two active jobs each month. A range of custom plans come at affordable rates and even a free version supporting one active job a month. However, it is still a very basic app that does not support live conferencing and may not always automatically capture all the skills necessary for a creative vacancy. 


VidCruiter is a way more advanced tool compared to MyInterview. Still, unlike many other apps of the kind, it manages to keep its subscription rates surprisingly low for the functionality it offers. VidCruiter works both with live and pre-recorded interviews, but more importantly, it has a set of built-in HR features, such as rating guides, evaluation charts, and structured questions. Besides, a guide builder aims to eliminate any bias while recruiting, even though it is rather hard to estimate how effective this feature is in practice objectively. 


Another great perk recruiters will appreciate is that VidCruiter can be easily integrated with CRMs and ATS, allowing for a smoother recruiting experience for all parties involved in this process. Besides pre-screening, it also has a referencing system and very advanced scheduling designed with international interviewing in mind. 


Overall, VidCruiter is an excellent example of a cutting-edge tool built for professional recruiters who regularly conduct interviews and screen candidates from all corners of the world. However, some users reported a rather complex menu and functionality, which — let’s be honest — is not uncommon in versatile tools. So, the only transparent disadvantage so far is the tool’s potentially long learning curve. 


In terms of functionality, Willo offers a middle ground between MyInterview and VidCruiter. Just like a more basic version, it does not support live video conferencing — only pre-recorded responses to job interview prompts. However, it integrates with CRMs and ATSs, making it a more versatile app for screening and pre-interviewing candidates. It can also integrate with job boards, which ensures a more streamlined recruiting process. 


All interviews conducted with Willo’s help can be customized with relevant descriptions and specific interview questions. Another handy feature is that this app allows you to see how many retakes each candidate took before submitting a video answer to your interview prompt. While not exactly a direct indicator of a candidate’s professional skills, this little detail can help recruiters get a better idea of an applicant’s personality — the less takes, the higher one’s preparation level for the interview, or in some cases, simply one’s confidence. 


The pricing is also very affordable for the functionality this tool offers — starting from $75 a month for a total of 50 interviews. The highest plan allows up to 1,000 interviews but costs more — $850. And, of course, there is a middle option of 250 interviews for $250 a month. But its most important advantage is its ability to integrate with over 5,000 corporate apps and some of the most popular ATSs in the market. 


The last video interviewing app on our list is more suitable for large recruiting organizations, which is reflected both in the tool’s functionality and subscription prices. This tool supports both live and recorded interviews and can integrate with all sorts of CRMs and ATSs, along with a whole series of other real-time evaluation tools. It also offers over a thousand interview guides and is built to ensure the corporate security of the companies using it. 


HireVue also supports video and text resume parsing, hosts virtual hiring events, a handful of game-like features, and cutting-edge AI technology to keep all those multiple features together. Besides, one subscription plan can accommodate up to 5,000 recruiters working within one organization, so it is not surprising that business owners will have to pay a penny for it — $35,000 for 2,500 to 5,000 users. But even this is not the highest limit because custom plans are available for companies with over 5,000 users. 




As you can see, the choice of a recruiting video app will mostly depend on your organization’s size, budget, and, of course, recruiting needs. One can decide on budget-friendly, simple apps like MyInterview or Willo. It is also possible to go for more advanced versions like VidCruiter or top-tier solutions like HireVue. On the whole, the functionality and features offered are quite similar to most video interviewing apps (and our list barely scratches the surface of available selection). So, it all depends on your goals and budget — as simple as that.


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