The First 14 GB/s SSDs Are Almost Here

Air cooler for MSI SSD

The best internal SSDs are becoming faster, largely thanks to the rollout of PCIe 5.0. Now, two new SSDs are pushing solid state storage to the limit, with speeds beyond 14 GB/s.

TEAMGROUP announced a new SSD on May 24, the T-Force Z54A PCIe 5.0 SSD, which uses a new SSD controller from InnoGrit Corporation to achieve incredibly fast speeds. It’s rated for sequential read speeds of up to 14 GB/s, and sequential writes of 10 GB/s. That’s double the read speed of the Samsung 980 Pro. However, performance will likely take a hit unless there’s an adequate cooling solution, and TEAMGROUP showed off an all-in-one cooling solution just for the SSD.

Just one day later, on May 25, MSI announced its own Spatium M570 Pro series SSD, based on the PHISON E26 SSD controller. MSI is promising read speeds of 14 GB/s, and write speeds of around 12 GB/s. This drive also has a large cooler (pictured above), but this one is a simpler air cooler, and it’s not clear if MSI will sell the cooler with the drive.

MSI is calling its SSD “the world’s first 14 GB/s SSD.” However, it was announced a day after TEAMGROUP’s 14 GB/s SSD, and months after Adata and Sabrent revealed they are working on drives reaching the same benchmark. It doesn’t seem like any of these drives are actually available for purchase yet — we should really save the “world’s first” award for the model that shows up on store shelves first.

MSI and TEAMGROUP have not revealed specific pricing or availability information for their new drives. MSI will show off its drive at Computex 2023 next week, though.


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