The Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases of 2022

NEWDERY case on iphone 14 pro max

What to Look For in an iPhone Case in 2022

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks quite similar to last year’s model, there are a few differences in how they’re built. This means that, despite how much alike they look, you won’t be able to use the case from an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the new model, so you can’t stick with your old case.

The first thing you’ll want to figure out when shopping for a case for your iPhone is the type of case you want. Some people prefer slimmer, lighter cases, while others may prefer a bulkier but more protective case. Especially with a larger phone like the 14 Pro Max, you may prefer a wallet case that not only protects the screen but holds a few cards and other essentials so you don’t need to carry more stuff around.

Your choice of material is another important one. Apple’s silicone cases are very protective but don’t feel as premium as a leather case or offer as much protection as a thicker plastic. These aren’t your only options, either, as you’ll find cases made from fabric and other materials as well.

For most uses, the material is more of an aesthetic choice than anything. That said, if you’re bringing your phone on long-distance hikes, canoe trips, or just to a heavy-duty work site, you’ll want a more rugged case.

If you prefer to plug in your phone to charge it at night, you can use any case you like. On the other hand, if you prefer to charge wirelessly, you’ll want to look at a case with Apple’s MagSafe charging solution. You’ll find this in a few Apple cases, but third-party manufacturers also make cases with MagSafe built-in.

Finally, you’ll want to keep the look of the case in mind. While leather cases aim to look premium on their own, other cases are clear to let the finish of your iPhone shine through.

It’s a lot to keep in mind, but don’t worry—we’ve made the process easier by picking the best cases available for the Pro Max in every category.

iPhone 14 silicone case on pink and yellow background


  • Soft silicone feels great to the touch
  • Microfibre lining polishes your phone’s finish
  • Supports MagSafe chargers and accessories
  • Great color variety


  • Not as much protection as a more rugged case

If you’re unsure which case is right for your phone but want something you know you won’t regret, look at the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe. It looks great, offers plenty of protection, and comes in various colors.

The outside of the silicone case feels silky and soft to the touch, unlike the rubbery feel you’ll get with many silicone phone cases. Inside, the case features a microfiber lining to ensure it’s completely gentle on your phone’s exterior.

The case uses built-in magnets to align automatically with your iPhone, ensuring a quick and easy fit. That’s not the only aspect of the case that uses magnets, as you can quickly snap on an Apple MagSafe charger to charge, though it also works with wireless Qi chargers.

No matter which iPhone model you have, you should be able to find a case color that works for you. The case is available in Midnight, PRODUCT(RED), Chalk Pink, Elderberry, Lilac, Storm Blue, Succulent, and Stormglow.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Overall

Spigen Liquid Armor on purple background


  • Excellent drop protection
  • Slim and easy to fit in your pocket
  • Very affordable


  • Military-inspired look may be too much for some

If you want a case to occasionally protect your phone but prefer to go caseless most of the time, there’s no point in spending too much on one. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone 14 Pro Max Case will protect your phone without taking up too much space in your pocket, and it’s inexpensive to boot.

Looking at the thin case, you may not expect it to be as tough as it is, but Spigen has gained a reputation for protection over the years. This model features Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology to protect your phone from shocks.

You might notice the tightly patterned triangles on the outside of the case. This anti-slip matte surface is meant to help you keep a grip on your phone, which is important for a device this size. It also helps add extra protection to the case while keeping the profile on the slimmer side.

This case isn’t as subtle looking as Apple’s cases, but if you’re a fan of the military-style design, you’ll love the look. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor case is available in Matte Black and Navy Blue.

Best Budget iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Apple clear case on grey background


  • Lets your iPhone’s finish shine through
  • MagSafe and Qi charging compatible
  • Treated against yellowing


  • Not as much grip as other Apple cases

Apple’s silicone cases look great, but they cover up your iPhone’s brilliant finish. If you want to show off your Deep Purple iPhone but still want the features and convenience of an Apple case, look no further than the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe.

This case is built with a clear polycarbonate body and flexible materials. These slip over the buttons, meaning you don’t have to line up with cutouts. This, combined with the same built-in magnets used in other Apple cases, means putting the case on your phone is simple and easy.

Unlike some other Apple cases, it’s plain to see that this is a MagSafe case, as the elements are visible due to the clear nature of the case. This adds an interesting look to your phone and, as with other Apple cases, this case is also compatible with Qi wireless charging.

If you’ve used older clear cases, you might have noticed that they could be prone to yellowing over time. You won’t need to worry about that with Apple’s Clear Case, as the materials and coatings are optimized to prevent any yellowing.

Best MagSafe iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Best Wallet iPhone 14 Pro Max Case: TUCCH Wallet Case

Tucch wallet case on grey background


  • Magnetically snaps shut
  • Compatible with Qi chargers without removing the case
  • Available in a bunch of different color options

These days, phones are big enough. You may not want to carry a wallet as well. Fortunately, a case like the TUCCH Wallet Case lets you protect your phone and conveniently stash a few cards or cash.

The TUCCH case is built from TPU and faux leather, and it features four slots for cards, plus a money pocket. Even better, this case blocks RFID signals, so you don’t need to worry about carrying a separate RFID-blocking wallet.

Many wallet cases are, by design, on the bulky side. This is necessary for wallet functionality but can impede wireless charging. The TUCCH case supports wireless charging without removing the case, though it doesn’t support Apple’s MagSafe charging.

This case is available in almost too many colors to name. It comes in Black, Black and Gray, Black with Strap, Dark Blue, Dark Blue and Brown, Dark Red, Hot Pink, Lake Blue, Light Brown, Midnight Green, Myrtle Green, Red, Rose Gold, Rose Gold with Strap, Shiny Blue, Shiny Champagne Gold, and Shiny Silver. You certainly will find a style that suits you among these picks!

Best Wallet iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Otterboc Defender XT on blue background


  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G 516.6 drop test standards
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Available in both clear and solid color variants

If you want to ensure that your iPhone can handle anything you throw at it, and maybe even handle being thrown itself, you need a rugged case. OtterBox has made its name on rugged phone cases, which makes the OtterBox DEFENDER XT SERIES perfect for your iPhone.

The DEFENDER XT is made with rugged polycarbonate, and this is a case that is shock absorbing and meant to be dropped. The case holds up to five times the number of drops as the MIL-STD-810G 516.6, and it even features a cover for the iPhone’s Lightning port, helping to up the phone’s weather resistance.

As tough as the case is, OtterBox hasn’t given up on convenience. That’s why the DEFENDER XT not only features a lanyard attachment and an optional holster upgrade but also features built-in magnets to ensure compatibility with MagSafe chargers and accessories. It is pretty bulky, however, so it’s not the best option if you want a thin case.

The OtterBox DEFENDER XT SERIES comes in Black, Blue, and Pink color varieties. If you prefer to see more of your phone’s finish, it also comes in Black/Clear and Lavender/Clear options.


If you’re harder on your phone than most people, you need a case that can keep your phone running. The OtterBox DEFENDER XT SERIES will handle more drops than you can throw at it.

Otterbox symmetry case on yellow background


  • Available in multiple clear options
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Good drop protection


  • Won’t fit with some camera protectors

Sure, you may be looking for a case that lets your phone shine through, but that doesn’t mean you need a completely transparent case. If you’re still looking to add a little style to your phone, the OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES+ CLEAR cases offer multiple transparent and semi-transparent options, plus they’ll stand up to plenty of abuse.

Like many cases, the OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES+ CLEAR is made from polycarbonate, but in this case, it’s mostly constructed from recycled materials. While this case isn’t quite as strong as OtterBox’s DEFENDER series, the company still claims it offers three times the drop resistance of a MIL-SPEC tested case.

Unlike the previous generation of this case, this is fully MagSafe compatible, with built-in magnets to ensure everything attaches safe and sound. There are raised edges on both the camera and screen side to ensure that your phone’s important glass elements are suitably protected.

In addition to the standard clear finish, the SYMMETRY SERIES+ CLEAR comes in Black/Clear, Clear/Glitter, and Green/Clear.

Best Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max Case


If you’re looking for a clear case that still offers decent protection for your phone, the OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES+ CLEAR is the case for you.

Totallee thin case on pink background


  • Just 0.02 inches thick
  • Multiple clear and solid color options
  • Protects your camera lens

For most people, a case isn’t something you want to put on your phone—it’s just there to protect it. If that sounds like you, you’re probably looking for a case that is as close to barely there as possible, like the Totallee Thinnest Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max Case.

This case is made from TPU and is as thin as possible—only 0.02 inches thick—while still providing your phone with some protection. There is a raised “lip” around the camera to protect the lens, but this isn’t true for the screen. Totallee suggests adding a separate screen protector for the most protection.

As you might imagine, the thin build means that this case doesn’t provide the most protection for your phone. That said, if you’re more concerned with accidental scratches than dropping your phone, this case will easily protect against minor cosmetic damage.

If you want the most minimal look to your case, the Totallee case is available in both Clear (hard), Clear (soft), and Frosted Clear varieties. If you prefer a hint of color, there are Frosted Black, Green, Navy Blue, and Red options.

Best Thin iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Totallee Thinnest Clear iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

If you prefer your iPhone case as close to nonexistent as possible, and you’re willing to do without MagSafe, the Totallee case offers some protection without adding bulk to your phone.

Apple leather case on yellow background


  • Develops a unique patina over time
  • Five great-looking color varieties
  • MagSafe and Qi charging compatible


  • Case isn’t as rugged as others

What if you don’t want a case that gets out of the way, but a case that looks great on its own and compliments your phone’s finish? This is a perfect situation for a leather case, and while plenty are available, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case is a great-looking option.

As with Apple’s other cases, this model uses magnets to align automatically with your phone for a perfect fit. That said, the real star of the show here is the leather, which both feels and looks great. Over time, this will develop a patina that makes your case look even better.

While this is a more traditional case than a clear or silicone option, Apple hasn’t skimped on features. Like many other cases we’re looking at here, this model features MagSafe charging compatibility. That said, it’s also perfectly compatible with Qi chargers.

Just because this is a leather case, don’t think you’re limited when it comes to colorways. The Leather Case with MagSafe is available in Midnight, Ink, Forest Green, Orange, and Umber varieties.

Best Leather iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Leather Case

If you want the features and protection of Apple’s silicone case but prefer a more premium look, the five varieties of leather hit will look great to start and get even better as they age.

Goospery wallet case stood up


  • Denim canvas finish is unique
  • Wallet-style design holds three cards plus cash
  • Case folds to prop up your phone

Wallet-style cases are great, but most are made from either genuine or synthetic leather. If you like the wallet form factor but not the material, you might like a fabric case like the Goospery Canvas Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max Case.

While this case uses a denim fabric on the outside, it isn’t made entirely from this material. A flexible TPU inner case adds some structure and protection to your phone. You’ll find three card slots and an inner pocket for cash on the inner flap.

Considering you may be keeping cash or cards inside this case, you’ll want the case to stay closed. Fortunately, a magnetic flap on the outside keeps the flap tightly shut. The case also converts into a kickstand-style prop to make watching videos on your iPhone easier.

The case comes in a few color options to suit your style, with Gray, Navy, and Black varieties.

Best Fabric iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Pack Case: NEWDERY Battery Case

Newdery battery pack case on green background


  • Adds a 10,000mAh battery pack to your phone
  • You can still use Lighting accessories with the case
  • Supports Qi charging


  • Your phone is much bulkier with this case
  • Heavy for a phone case

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the most battery life of any iPhone of its generation, but that still won’t be enough for some people. If you’re looking for a case that lets you do away with a standalone battery pack, look at the NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The NEWDERY case adds a 10,000mAh battery to the back of your iPhone. This is handy to have if you’re frequently running out of power, but do keep in mind, you’ll notice the extra bulk. You’ll also notice the extra weight if you carry your phone in your pocket.

Looking at charging the case and your phone, you won’t find MagSafe supported here. That said, the case supports Qi charging, so you won’t have to find a place to plug in your case and your phone when it comes time to top up.

This case connects to the Lightning port on your phone, which could be a problem for accessories. Fortunately, it has its own Lightning port that lets you use Lighting accessories, even while the case is charging your phone.

Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Pack Case

NEWDERY Battery Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

Built-in battery on the iPhone 14 Pro Max still not enough for you? With this case you’ll be able to head out of town for days without worrying about where you can charge your phone.

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