Super Bowl LVIII, Told by AI Deepfakes

Most Palone singing “America the Bountiful”

Most Palone singing “America the Bountiful”
Photo: Midjourney

Super Bowl XVIII was jam-packed with celebrities, love stories, angry outbursts, and even some football. Many of us watched the Super Bowl on TV with our own two eyes, but Gizmodo set out to learn what the big game would have looked like through the eyes of an AI image generator.

Gizmodo used Midjourney to create visual representations of some of the Super Bowl’s biggest moments. AI deepfakes are slowly becoming a central component of our society, so we figured we might as well get ahead of the curve, and just make these before someone else does. Some are surprisingly accurate while others are painfully wrong. Maybe in the future, we won’t even need a real Super Bowl. We can just AI deepfake the whole thing.

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