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All three Seagate Star Wars HDDs

Star Wars fans may not have to feel the force of a bloated hard drive for much longer. Seagate have launched a line of Star Wars inspired 2 TB hard disk drives (HDD) which should be good for anyone who finds their current lack of space disturbing.

The three HDDs in the series will feature images of Luke Skywalker™, Darth Vader™, and Han Solo™, along with “unique aesthetics” relating to the characters. Skywalker’s HDD will have a “courage” theme, Vader’s is “power” and “confidence” for Solo. PC users can change the color and pattern of the lighting using Seagate’s free toolkit software — so fans of Luke’s green saber are covered.

Seagate's Limited Edition Darth Vader HDD plugged into a PC

There is also an RGB lighting component. Luke’s HDD glows blue, and (spoilers if you’ve been living in a cave since 1980) his estranged robotic father’s is red. Han Solo’s HDD glows white, which you could argue reflects the moral grey area he operates in, but Seagate suggest it’s a homage to the Millennium Falcon.

Seagate says its drives are compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is also a USB 3.2 Gen 1 connector built into each drive, so you can be assured of fast transfer speeds.

Underneath the special edition cosmetics is a Seagate FireCuda External Hard Drive, a line that has long been a favorite of the gaming community. It’s also protected by Seagate’s excellent five-year limited warranty and three-years of Rescue Data Recovery Services.

The special edition HDDs are available to purchase from today via Seagate’s website. All three drives boast 2 TB of storage and are priced at $109.99 plus tax. If you buy all three, just remember: Han’s slots first.

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