Sandman’s Vanessa Benton on Writing About Dying and Goals

Netflix Sandman series writer Vanessa Benton

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“It’s frightening as shit. I’m working on Sandman as my very first staff crafting task?” Vanessa Benton shook their head as they reported this, leaning back a very little we’re conversing in the morning in excess of video chat. “It was an amazing studying encounter, diving headfirst into that.”

Benton has been doing work in Hollywood for a when: after graduating they had been a showrunner’s assistant for In Contempt, and then for Peter Nowalk though he was performing on How to Get Away With Murder. Benton was afterwards promoted to writers’ assistant on the criminal offense/thriller demonstrate, and penned and developed an episode all through the ultimate period. All of this organized them for the leap into staff members composing, but it’s difficult to imagine the stress of staying on a demonstrate with as a lot anticipation as The Sandman.

Industry working experience may possibly have helped Benton get in the room, but they brought a myriad of inspiration to the desk for their get the job done on The Sandman. A single of those touchstones was fanfiction. “I’m coming on to this assets that has thousands and thousands of supporters. I’m utilized to writing fanfic—and taken slant, we’re producing a fanfic model of the comics,” Benton defined. Allan Heinberg, the showrunner, was extremely crystal clear on the kind of display that he needed to make. Benton mentioned that Heinberg’s large edict was that “we simply cannot disrespect the fans… you can’t damage Sandman with your alterations. We just have to make positive the initial enthusiasts won’t ask, ‘Why is everything torn apart?’

The Sandman was an incredible balancing act involving remaining faithful to the resource product whilst also giving new followers anything sound to stand on. Dream of the Countless (Tom Sturridge) often goes in and out of the narrative. “A major aspect of the adaptation was building absolutely sure there is a by means of line for Dream so people who are not acquainted with the comics really don’t check with, ‘wait, why is Aspiration only in like two episodes and has like a few strains,’ you know what I indicate?” Benton reported.

In addition to pulling the threads of the initial comedian in buy to tie narratives far more cohesively to a story, reworking The Sandman also served expose subtext that could possibly not have been intended in the initial sequence. One particular of people times of discovery—where the supply product just looks to lend alone beautifully to an interpretation—occurs in the course of episode six of the series, which follows two plots: just one in which Aspiration accompanies his sister Dying (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) as she helps make her rounds in London, the other where by Dream constantly checks in with a man named Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley), whom Demise has designed immortal. The Desire/Hob ship sailed nearly right away, inspiring fiction, artwork, and memes across the world wide web.

immortal boyfriends

immortal boyfriends
Image: Netflix

“The Dreamling romance wasn’t baked in,” Benton stated, “However you have a ton of queer folks in the writer’s room, you have a homosexual guy as as a showrunner, and you have actors who have chemistry.” It just worked.

Benton also pointed out that Dreamling (a portmanteau of Desire and Gadling, a widespread ship naming conference in fandom areas) has “the tropes that fandom loves: the broody, distant, mysterious person and the ray of sunshine dog pet of a male who’s just continuously asking to be friends.” There is also the considerably-beloved exploration of a appreciate tale distribute more than time, and the hope and optimism in the deal with of disappointment—“and it just variety of all exploded to turn out to be this new, admirer-preferred couple.”

Although it could possibly have been a content incident that Benton did not expect, they also say that the subtext was able to come to the front in component simply because of who was in the writing space. “In one more area with various writers, distinctive creators, there could possibly be a pull absent from that story. I just experience extremely joyful that this is the area, this is the present, and these are the men and women that it landed with. They had been form sufficient to allow this new side-of-romance tale.” Benton is effusive. They are thrilled to affirm that (to them at least,) “It is serious. It is surely authentic.”

Benton described that in one more property they’re producing for, there’s a palpable sexual tension involving the key character and the antagonist. “I’m going to just try out to slip [subtext] in mainly because I’m like… they’re likely to be fucking, correct?” Benton described the circumstance they fulfill up, they mess with every single other, they dislike each and every other. “But…” Benton shrugged, “there was no other way for me to interpret this dynamic than by a queer lens. And it is the most fun issue. Now that I’m coming into who I am, I comprehend that I’ve been hoping to do this for years. I retained it on AO3 [the Archive of Our Own, a popular fanfiction site] for a while, and now it is like, ‘No, fuck it!’ I’m glad that I can bring more queer subtext to my work and to Television set, because I appreciate producing it.”

It is effortless to see the hold that fandom and admirer interaction has had on Benton. They are just about to start their first job, God Bless the Promised Land, an immersive, interactive tale exactly where the audience will take on the job of unwilling voyeurs who have identified a cell mobile phone and accessed its memory. “The project is about earning your house in the entire world for the duration of a series of escalating local weather disasters,” Benton mentioned. They weren’t necessarily imagining of doxxing or swatting when they wrote the piece, but with the viewers as the antagonist, it is not really hard to draw prescient parallels.

Benton is open up about the reality that they are discovering a range of paths. From Television producing to an ARG, they are unafraid to acquire probabilities with their artwork. And The Sandman still left an amazing mark on their existence. “We ended up doing the job on episode six [‘The Sound of her Wings’] and a person of the writers in our space described demise doulas.” Benton mentioned that a person dialogue changed the trajectory of their life.

She’s a queen, she’s a star, she is Death.

She’s a queen, she’s a star, she is Demise.
Impression: Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix

“I was presently quite interested in how Death was portrayed [in The Sandman], and how she was composed as staying extremely pragmatic—when your time is up, your time is up.” An close of everyday living doula—also regarded as a dying doula—is a caregiver who assists those people who are dying and their households by the previous stage of their daily life. Significantly like the additional very well identified birthing doulas, demise doulas are a way to help and affirm alterations in a way that is supportive and affirming. Benton, following functioning on Sandman, and with Dying in specific, is now finding out to grow to be a loss of life doula.

“Working with this character and studying in this industry, it is helped me recognize and recognize everyday living more,” Benton claimed. “Working with death—” it is not obvious all through the interview if they mean Dying the character or dying itself—has adjusted the way I carry myself and the way I offer with my melancholy. Even in my darkest times I have hope.”

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