Samsung’s New TV Soundbars Are Perfect for Your Living Room


Looking to supercharge your sound on a TV or somewhere else? A soundbar is probably your best bet. There are many of them out there, though, and it can be hard to find the right choice. Luckily, Samsung’s newest soundbar is the perfect match for its TVs.

Samsung has just announced a range of new audio products. And among them, we have its newest soundbars, with the HW-Q990C, the HW-Q900C, and the HW-Q800C headlining the list. These belong to Samsung’s flagship Q-series, which means they’re the best Samsung has as far as soundbars go. The Q990C offers 11.1.4-channel audio, Q-Symphony 3.0 for immersive 3D audio that matches the TV’s output, and more.

The HW-Q900C brings things a notch down, with 7.1.2-channel audio and the HW-Q800C goes down to 5.1.2-channel audio. They are all great, though, with Adaptive Sound as well as Game Mode Pro for strong gaming sessions, features that are also available in lower-end models announced today, going down to the HW-Q60C.


These aren’t the only ones, though. If you’re budget-conscious, Samsung would like you to look at its C-series offerings: the HW-C450 and HW-C400. They compromise on some features while still providing amazing sound quality. And if you’d like slimness above everything, Samsung also has the S-series: the HW-S800B and HW-S801B.

Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

This soundbar comes packed with amazing sound quality and features, and at $1600, it’s expensive but pretty much the very best you can get from the Korean giant.

If any of these interest you, keep an eye out at your retailer of choice. The high-end Q990C costs $1,599, with all other models going down from there, down to the $419 Q60C.

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