Quantum Leap NBC Reboot S2 Trailer: UFOs, Nazis, Witches, Spies

Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song

Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song in the Quantum Leap season two premiere.
Image: NBC

Like Scott Bakula’s Dr. Sam Beckett before him, Quantum Leap’s Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) is a time-traveler with purposepopping up across history (or in the future, if you saw the season one finale) to help people in need. He’ll soon be back at it, and NBC’s released a season-two trailer to tease his upcoming adventures.

Quantum Leap | Season 2 Official Trailer | NBC

As you can see from the trailer, Ben will be visiting 1960s Egypt (doin’ spy stuff), 1990s Los Angeles (circa riots), 1940s New Mexico (circa UFOs), 1690s Massachusetts (circa witch trials), among other hot spots. He even gets to punch a Nazi! Meanwhile, back at Quantum Leap headquarters, Ben’s faithful team of eggheads and military experts—Addison (Caitlin Bassett), Magic (Ernie Hudson), Ian (Mason Alexander Park), and Jenn (Nanrisa Lee)—continue their frantic work, wrangling ill-tempered supercomputer Ziggy and trying to guide Ben back to 2023. New faces this season include characters played by The 100‘s Eliza Taylor and Yellowjackets’ Peter Gadiot.

You can watch Quantum Leap’s season two premiere October 4 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC; new episodes stream the next day on Peacock, which is where you can also catch up on season one.

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