Peloton abandons Apple’s GymKit health data sharing platform

Exercise firm Peloton is moving users to its own app instead of Apple’s GymKit

Exercise firm Peloton has told its users that will no longer support Apple’s GymKit health data sharing service on Apple Watch, and instead will move them to its own app.

In 2020, Peloton announced its then-new Bike+ would pair with the Apple Watch using Apple’s GymKit platform. GymKit lets an Apple Watch gather health data from exercise machines, specifically cardio equipment.

Apple said at the time that mixed-focus workouts were not supported on Apple Watch. Instead, if a user wanted to change from a cardio workout to a strength training one, they would have to manually switch workouts within the Fitness app.

However, since new users have been being directed to use Peloton’s app since 2022, it’s unclear if many people are still on the old system. It appears to be the same story outside of Peloton, too, as few manufacturers have adopted GymKit, and then not on many of their machines.

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