Opus.ai is developing a new, text driven approach to 3D world development

Something to look forward to: Opus.ai is currently working on an AI-driven video content development tool that would enable users to build virtual worlds using only plain text. According to the company’s site, the tool will produce original content much faster and at a far lesser cost than traditional development. While not yet available, the company is currently accepting registrations for early access.

Today’s onslaught of artificial intelligence-based tools have a similar goal: to streamline, automate, or simplify previously complex manual tasks. From the creative to the purely technical, currently available AI tools can do anything from generating written content and images to new application code based on specific algorithms, text inputs, and other configurable parameters. Opus.ai looks to continue the trend, this time by helping users to develop complex virtual worlds with nothing more than their words.

AI enthusiast and Twitter user @nonmayorpete, owner of the AI-centered newsletter The Neuron Daily, tweeted a video of Opus.ai in action on Wednesday morning. The one-minute video, which prominently displays the words Technology Preview in the bottom left corner, provides a quick preview of Opus.ai’s ability to take normal, descriptive content and use it to create 3D models and assets in real time.

Creating the frameworks, textures, lighting, shading, etc. required to build a 3D environment is no small task. The ability to successfully build a 3D environment requires skilled 3D modelers and developers with an understanding of concepts including geometry, anatomy, texture, and lighting as well as a technical understanding of the tools, syntax, and optimization methods used in model development. Opus.ai claims to minimize the development costs and resource requirements needed build these environments, and states that the virtual worlds can be created for 1/10 the cost of conventional development. When asked about the hardware requirements to use the tool, the Opus.ai media team simply responded with, “…if you can run TikTok or YouTube, you can run this.”

The technology focuses on providing gamers, artists, storytellers, and other creatives with the tools to quickly and easily create worlds and assets. Opus.ai’s generated content features the ability to create dynamic lighting, camera control, terrain, trees and fauna, buildings, roads, and both humanoid as well as animated characters using nothing but a user’s text inputs.

It’s a cool concept that could break down the legacy barriers to entry facing creators lacking the skills or resources for this type of development. But don’t get too excited just yet, as there’s no official release date. The company is, however, accepting requests to be added to both Opus.ai’s mailing list as well as the eventual early access trial. Until then, creators will have to settle for tools such as the latest release of Unreal Engine 5.2.

Source : https://www.techspot.com/news/98160-opusai-developing-new-text-driven-approach-3d-world.html

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