NASA’s DART mission will check a planetary protection strategy by smacking an asteroid

If all goes perfectly, a spacecraft that NASA launched previous November will smash itself to bits towards an asteroid on Monday.

If all goes certainly beautifully, that effect will jostle the asteroid into a marginally unique orbit, meaning that for the initial time, individuals will have adjusted the trajectory of a celestial item.

Making background, however, is incidental. The serious mission is to defend the planet.

No will need to worry: The goal space rock has no likelihood of placing Earth, nor does any other known asteroid for at minimum half a century. This NASA mission, operated by the Johns Hopkins University Utilized Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., is testing a approach for redirecting an asteroid in circumstance potential Earth people truly need to have to bat one particular out of the way.

The basic thought could not be easier: Hit it with a hammer! But the diploma of problem is substantial, in aspect due to the fact no 1 has at any time essentially noticed the asteroid NASA designs to nudge. It is a moonlet named Dimorphos that is about the size of a soccer stadium.

Sky watchers working the world’s highest-driven telescopes detect the moonlet only as a shadow that crosses the much larger asteroid it orbits, Didymos, as the two circle the solar with each other. The pair make up a “double asteroid,” a typical arrangement in our solar method.

Here’s how the $330 million Double Asteroid Redirection Exam (DART) is designed to operate:

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