Massive 3D Printed BMO Is Also An OctoPrint Server

OctoPrint is a helpful software for 3D printers, supplying distant accessibility to primarily every single 3D printer with a USB port. [Allie Katz] made a decision to make an OctoPrint server in the shape of a life-sized BMO from Experience Time, and the benefits are sweet as heck.

A Raspberry Pi 4 is the coronary heart of the develop, with [Allie] choosing a 8 GB design for the career. It’s paired with a Raspberry Pi touchscreen that serves as BMO’s encounter. The Pi is also provided a stereo audio output board, and hooked up to a tailor made PCB that operates all of BMO’s buttons. Printing BMO itself was quite simple, but needs some expertise doing work with larger sized PETG areas. A handy observe for those playing alongside at home is that Polymaker PolyLite PETG in teal is just about a excellent dupe for BMO’s genuine entire body coloration.

A bit of Python code animates BMO’s face and provides amusing quips at the press of a button. When it is time to do the job, even though, the touchscreen serves as a clear-cut interface for OctoPrint. The ensuing construct is equally fun and functional, and a fantastic instance of what 3D printing actually can achieve. It is a lovable figurine and a useful print all in 1, something we never see day to day!

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