Laying the groundwork for cost-conscious coding

Every cloud-consuming company is concerned about runaway cloud costs. To address those concerns, the big three cloud service providers have introduced cloud pricing calculators. We’ve also seen the rise of finops.

That’s a good start.

But cloud calculators and finops are infrastructure-focused, not application-focused. To avoid unnecessary cloud costs, you need to optimize the code that runs on top of the infrastructure. Cloud providers don’t address that part of the equation—that’s up to you.

It is time for people to think about cloud as an extension of their code. That is critical because inefficient code in the cloud makes you pay from day one/minute one.

Lack of optimization leads to higher cloud bills

In the on-premises world, you would deploy code on a server. Later, you would add features and data to serve even more users. Somewhere along the line, your server would hit 70% to 80% usage. At that point, you would start thinking about how you could accommodate more users.

Buying more servers was typically how data centers grew. But because purchasing, provisioning, and connecting a server would take three to six months, you might try to performance tune to see if you could bring the server usage from 80% back to 60%. That way, you would have 20% more headroom until you could purchase and set up your new hardware.

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