Jon Kasdan Says Willow Isn’t Canceled, Just On Hiatus

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Jon Kasdan, one of the writers and executive producers for the Willow television show, has penned a massive letter in the wake of Willow’s reported cancelation, explaining the details of the decision and adding a lot of nuance that seems to have been lost in the wake of “punchy headlines.”

The truth is, naturally, much different and requires a lot more explanation. The whole thing can be read on Kasdan’s twitter.

Kasdan states that last week Lucasfilm and Willow’s production team “made a decision to release our main cast for other” opportunities because of an industry-wide slowdown of streaming show production. However, he states that he has written an entire season two—called Volume II—with the “enthusiastic” support of Lucasfilm. While there are currently no plans to enter pre-production of the scripts, Kasdan reminds the audience that plenty of shows have long delays in between seasons; even Willow “didn’t get it’s well-deserved sequel for 35 years.”

Kasdan seems confident that the show will return, in some form, at some point–and that it is simply now on hiatus, rather than outright canceled. He states that Volume II is about “courage, desire, acceptance, and the comedy and the beauty to be found in even the darkest of places… it’s about the ineffable and enduring power of friendship.”

The first season of Willow is available to stream on Disney+.

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