Instagram, Twitter and Facebook All Just Copy Each Other

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BeReal is a social media app that has, to put it lightly, exploded in the past few weeks. The app’s appeal comes from its central premise that its users are only able to post once a day at a given time (you can post late), but are able to leave comments and reactions afterward. Once the next day’s notification to post is sent, your previous BeReal disappears. There’s no filters, there’s no visible follower count, the interface is super sleek and minimal, and BeReal uses both your front and back camera to create one image.

As Instagram continues to do everything it can to prevent itself from suffering the same fate as Facebook, the service is rolling out its own version of BeReal called “Dual.” Dual is already in my Instagram app under the Story feature, and it appears that Instagram’s main prey was the use of both cameras (hence the name “Dual”) and not the timed posts, because how the hell would that even work on Instagram?

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