How to Restart an Iphone 14

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Restarting your Apple iphone 14 permits you to troubleshoot difficulties, provide specified improvements into impact, or basically get a new start off. As well as, restarting is easy—you can use your phone’s components buttons, a Settings possibility, or an on-display menu. We’ll demonstrate you how.

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Use Buttons to Restart an Apple iphone 14

The most typical way to reboot an Iphone 14 is to use your phone’s buttons.

To do that, on your Apple iphone, push and keep the Quantity Up or Down button and the Facet button. When “Slide to Electrical power Off” appears, slide the change to the right.

Press Volume Up+Side or Volume Down+Side.

Hold out 15 seconds and then maintain the Aspect button right up until the Apple brand seems. Your Apple iphone will now electric power on.

Use Options to Restart an Apple iphone 14

You can also use a Settings choice to reboot your telephone. To do that, start the Settings application on your mobile phone. Then, tap “General.”

Access "General" in Settings.

Scroll down the “General” page to the bottom, then faucet “Shut Down.”

Choose "Shut Down" at the bottom.

Drag the “Slide to Ability Off” slider to the correct, and your cellphone will electricity off.

Drag "Slide to Power Off" to the right.

Electric power your Apple iphone again on by pressing and holding down the Side button until eventually an Apple logo appears on your screen.

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Use an On-Display Menu to Restart an Iphone 14

Your Apple iphone 14 delivers an on-screen menu where you can faucet the “Restart” solution to reboot your cellphone. This is an accessibility feature and you are going to have to turn it on from your phone’s Configurations application.

To do that, launch Configurations on your Apple iphone. Then, faucet Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. Transform on the “AssistiveTouch” possibility.

Activate "AssistiveTouch."

On your phone’s screen, you’ll see a white dot. Faucet this dot to open up a menu.

In the menu that launches, choose Unit > Additional > Restart.

Tap "Restart" in the menu.

Your Iphone will check with if you want to carry out a reboot. Tap “Restart” in the prompt.

Choose "Restart" in the prompt.

Your Iphone will then convert off and back on.

Force Restart an Iphone 14

If your Apple iphone 14 will not respond to a standard restart, test forcing your phone to reboot. This strategy assures your mobile phone turns off and then back again on, even if it is not responding to your other taps.

To do that, push the Volume Up crucial and release it. Then, press the Quantity Down critical and launch it. Eventually, push and maintain the Side button right until an Apple logo seems on your display screen.

Force reboot an iPhone 14.

Your Apple iphone is now forced to reboot.

If your Iphone 14 challenges persist, it’s a excellent strategy to reset all your phone settings to potentially take care of your troubles.

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