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A pair of Google Glass on a table.
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Ten years ago, Google sent shockwaves through the tech world by announcing Google Glass, a wearable computer with a heads-up display. However, the product failed to launch as intended and was only available to enterprise customers. This week Google stated that it would discontinue the line entirely.

In a support post, the company said that Glass Enterprise Edition sales would halt immediately but that support would continue through September 15th. In the FAQ section of the post, Google stated that after September 15th, existing Glass units would continue to function with existing software but that the company would provide no updates. Google also informed customers that third-party apps may still be maintained and that system images remain available until at least April 1st, 2024.

Additionally, Google made it clear that even the pre-installed Meet on Glass app would not receive support after September 15th and that while it may still work after that date, it could cease working at any time.

The cessation of sales and support for Glass Enterprise Edition signals the definitive end for a product that the company once hailed as a new frontier in wearable technology. Glass joins Google+, Google Wave, and Tango on the list of the company’s most notable product failures. However, this doesn’t mean the end for Google wearble tech, as the company began testing the next generation of AR glasses last year.

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