Google Gemini AI, M3-Powered Apple iPads, and More Top Product News of the Week

Gemini, Google’s ambitious new AI for phones, will make its way to Pixel 8 Pros next week. On the Apple side, we might begin to see M3-powered iPads and MacBook Airs hitting store shelves a lot sooner than we expected. Gizmodo’s consumer tech team has all the latest news and more. Here’s a roundup of our most-read stories this. —Jorge Jimenez

Google’s Gemini Turns Pixel 8 Pro Into a True AI Phone

A Google Pixel 8 Pro phone in blue color surrounded by plants.

The Pixel 8 Pro might finally live up to its promise of being the first AI-focused phone thanks to Gemini Nano integration.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

If you’re the proud owner of a Google Pixel 8 Pro—or are soon to be one this holiday season—you’re about to be the latest guinea pig for the company’s big AI experiment. Google’s flagship Android phone is going to be held aloft in a sweeping round of new AI capabilities thanks to the company’s new Gemini AI model. The company says several AI features will start to run directly on users’ devices beginning Wednesday. – Kyle Barr Read More

Apple Will Reportedly Drop New M3-Powered iPads and MacBook Airs in 2024

Three iPad Pro models showing different apps like Final Cut on its screens.

The next big upgrade for iPad Pro will likely be the move to OLED and the M3 chip.
Image: Apple

Apple may be done for the year releasing any new hardware, but fans will only have to sit tight for just a few months into 2024 for brand-new tablets and laptops. A new report claims that Apple will share details on new, more powerful iPads and MacBook Airs soon. Everything is supposed to get a shiny, new M3 chip installed, but the iPad Pro might finally hit store shelves sporting a swanky, long-awaited OLED screen. – Kyle Barr Read More

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Are About to Get Faster Wireless Charging

iPhone 14 Pro in Space Black

Image: Florence Ion

There’s good news for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 users still holding off on upgrading to an iPhone 15. 9to5Mac reports that the iOS 17.2 update will offer Qi2 wireless charging support — like on the iPhone 15 — to iPhones 13 and 14. – Dua Rashid Read More

ExpressVPN Adds Support for Apple TVs So You Can Watch Region-Locked Shows

Man hand switches on the new black Apple TV 4K media streaming using remote controller

Apple TV added VPN app support earlier this year, though few major providers have yet to offer official apps, until now.
Photo: Vladimka production (Shutterstock)

Tired of not being able to watch region-locked content through your Apple TV? ExpressVPN declared it was launching an App for Apple TVs Tuesday, along with a few upgrades that make it a little easier to use and sign in. – Kyle Barr Read More

Google Pixel Cameras Will Finally Unblur Your Pets and Work as a Webcam

Google promises Photo Unblur will even pick out your fur-less feline friends.
Gif: Google

The big Gemini AI announcement from Google was inevitably going to suck all the air from any other big Pixel product updates. However, amid all the talk of native AI on Pixel 8 Pros, Google is also dropping a big feature-rich Android 14 update for Pixel cameras that the company claims will enhance your videos while finally letting users sharpen up those blurry photos of their furry companions. – Kyle Barr Read More

Image for article titled Google Gemini AI, M3-Powered Apple iPads, and More Top Product News of the Week

Image: Logitech

The Logitech G Astro A50 X promises to solve a pretty common issue for console gamers. What issue exactly? Find a single wireless headset that works across multiple consoles and connects to your PC without needing to connect multiple USB dongles. – Dua Rashid Read More

Magnets, How Do They Work in Keychron’s Newest Mechanical Keyboard?

A photo of the Keychron Q1 HE keyboards

Photo: Keychron

Keychron, the brand behind some of Gizmodo’s favorite mechanical keyboards for beginning enthusiasts, has launched a Kickstarter for a keyboard with a new switch. It’s called the Keychron Q1 HE, with “HE” referring to the Hall effect switches featured on this board, which use magnets rather than pins to detect keypresses. – Florence Ion Read More

Master & Dynamic MW09 ANC Earbuds Review: A Private Audio Oasis

Image for article titled Google Gemini AI, M3-Powered Apple iPads, and More Top Product News of the Week

Photo: Dua Rashid / Gizmodo

If there’s one thing repeatedly brought up in our M&D reviews, it’s how stunning their products are. You do feel like you’re paying for something premium. The MW09, like the models that came before it, proves that M&D isn’t just about aesthetics. The buds sound as good as they look. – Dua Rashid Read More

Microsoft Will Eventually Start Charging You for Windows 10 Security Updates

Windows 10 operating system logo is displayed on a laptop screen for illustration photo.

Windows 10 will lose all official support in 2025. The operating system won’t be getting any more big feature updates from now until then.
Photo: Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto (Getty Images)

All good things must come to an end, and a decade after its first release, Windows 10 will finally be sent to a farm upstate. It had a good run, though Microsoft plans to keep dropping security updates after the OS’ demise on Oct. 14, 2025. Just be aware that the tech giant will force you to dip into your wallet to keep accessing security fixes and small bug hunts. – Kyle Barr Read More

WhatsApp Will No Longer Butcher Image Quality on iOS

Image for article titled Google Gemini AI, M3-Powered Apple iPads, and More Top Product News of the Week

Image: Photo: Eliseu Geisler / (Shutterstock) (Shutterstock)

You no longer have to worry about sending low-quality images on WhatsApp. Well, at least on iPhone. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s latest software update for iOS allows you to send images as a document (just like on Gmail), meaning the original quality of the pictures is retained without you having to do any extra legwork. – Dua Rashid Read More

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