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If you’re looking for the best prepaid plans you can find in the USA, there is no doubt you’ve come upon MVNO carriers like Mint Mobile and Straight Talk. These are two of the most popular options when you want to avoid big carriers. Going with one of these will also save you a good chunk of change, but which one is better? We’ll go over all the details and help you decide in this Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk comparison.

We’re going to go through all factors, including plans, prices, phone selection, coverage, and more. Stick around to see which one best suits your needs.

Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk: Pricing and plans

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If you’re trying to choose between Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk, there is no doubt you want to find a good deal. Both options have them, but their pricing structures are set up differently. Let’s go through all plans and what they offer.

Mint Mobile prices Straight Talk prices

Entry-level plans

Mint Mobile prices

$75 for three months
$120 for six months
$180 for 12 months
Straight Talk prices

Basic Phone Plan:
$30 per month

Bronze Unlimited:
$35 per month
$34 per month with Auto-Refill

Mid-tier plans

Mint Mobile prices

$105 for three months
$150 for six months
$240 for 12 months

$135 for three months
$210 for six months
$300 for 12 months

Straight Talk prices

Silver Unlimited:
$45 per month
$42.50 per month when you pay three months with Auto-Refill

Silver Extended Unlimited:
$130 for three months
$255 for six months
$495 for one year

Gold Unlimited:
$55 per month
$50 per month when you pay three months with Auto-Refill
$90 per month for two lines

High-end plans

Mint Mobile prices

$120 for three months
$210 for six months
$360 for 12 months

Straight Talk prices

Platinum Unlimited:
$65 per month
$60 per month when you pay three months with Auto-Refill

Unlimited International:
$60 per month
$59 per month with Auto-Refill

Straight Talk’s Basic Phone Plan only works with feature phones, so we won’t talk too much about it here. It offers 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts, and 100MB of data. Just in case you want to know. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the nitty gritty.

It’s worth noting that all plans, aside from the one we just mentioned, are technically unlimited. Data just gets slowed down after you reach the specified data allowance on some of them.

Which is more affordable?

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Regardless of the plan you pick, you’ll notice right away that Mint Mobile usually has the more affordable options. Straight Talk’s most affordable smartphone plan costs $35 a month, and offers 10GB of data. If you go with Mint Mobile’s 10GB plan, that one costs the equivalent of $35 a month when you prepay for three months. That leaves them at the same price level, but Mint Mobile’s edge is that paying for more months will lower the monthly price to as low as $20.

Additionally, if you don’t need 10GB a month, Mint Mobile has a 4GB plan at $25 a month or lower, depending on how many months you prepay for. If you need more, there is also the 15GB option, which costs $25-$45 monthly.

Mint Mobile’s higher-end Unlimited plan costs $40 a month for three months, $35 a month for six months, or $30 a month for a year. Regardless of how many months you prepay, this is more affordable than the direct competitor, which would be Straight Talk’s Silver Unlimited plan. It costs $45 a month.

Prices for Straight Talk plans only go up from here, but the base features don’t seem to change much. You just get upgrades on some extras. For example, while the Silver Unlimited plan only allows 5GB of hotspot data, the Gold Unlimited Plan offers 15GB, as well as 100GB of cloud storage. The Platinum Unlimited plan brings the hotspot allowance up to 20GB, and you also get 100GB of cloud storage.

Data limits

Mobile data usage

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Mint Mobile will slow down your speeds after you use up your plan’s data limit. You can continue using data, though; it will just be slowed down. In the case of the Unlimited plan, the fair use cap is 35GB. This should really be plenty for the vast majority of people.

Straight Talk makes things a bit more confusing here, as the company hides its fair usage standards very well. It’s been long known that Straight Talk starts limiting your data speeds at around 60GB, though. This should apply to all plans except for the Bronze Unlimited, which gets slowed down after 10GB. Though a bit shady, 60GB is actually much more generous than most other carriers.

Are there intro deals?

Mint Mobile new customer offers

Straight Talk has no intro deals for new customers, but it is more prone to offering smartphone deals. On the other hand, Mint Mobile wants to make it enticing for new customers to make the switch to its services. It will give all new customers a very nice discount for the first three months.

Prices will be reduced to $45 for the first three months of the 4GB plan, $60 for the first three months of the 10GB plan, $75 for the first three months of the 15GB plan, and $90 for the first three months of the Unlimited plan. Just keep in mind prices will go back to normal after the three-month period ends.

Any other features?

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Both Mint Mobile and Straight Talk offer pretty affordable plans. This means neither of them offer cool perks like the bigger carriers. There’s no free Netflix, YouTube Premium, or any other included subscription services bundled in.

Straight Talk offers 100GB of cloud storage, but it’s through its own Straight Talk Cloud application. It’s not necessarily among the best cloud storage services.

These plans are also pretty limited in terms of international features. Both offer free calls to Mexico and Canada, but that’s about where the benefits end. You can’t use these plans for roaming, for example, unless you want to pay up.

You get at least some hotspot support for all smartphone plans, though. That’s pretty nice.

Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk: Coverage

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Things are a bit more confusing with Straight Talk. The MVNO has been using Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile towers for a long time. The carrier it uses depends on location, device, and other factors. That said, Verizon has acquired Straight Talk and other sister companies like Tracfone.

While Verizon is likely starting to move most customers to its own network, there are plenty of devices still using other towers from AT&T and T-Mobile. It all depends on which device you own, which is why Straight Talk’s coverage tool asks you which phone you’re using before providing any details.

Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk: Phone selection

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Both Mint Mobile and Straight Talk have a wide selection of smartphones. You can find high-end Android phones, iPhones, and plenty of budget options coming from both carriers. If you’re looking for something more affordable, though, Straight Talk usually has refurbished phones. Mint Mobile tends to only sell new handsets.

Also important to note is the fact that Straight Talk is more prone to offering smartphone deals. Mint Mobile doesn’t do much to reduce the price of its own handsets. Right now, you can get $50 off most Android phones if you prepay for 12 months, for example. Not the sweetest offer, if you ask us.

Can I bring my own phone?

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Yes! You certainly can bring your own phone to either carrier as long as it supports the network. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network. Straight Talk takes advantage of multiple networks, and which one you use depends on your device. Regardless, you can check Mint Mobile’s compatibility tool or Straight Talk’s compatibility tool to make sure your device will work well.

Which carrier is right for you?

Of course, choosing between Mint Mobile vs Straight Talk won’t be a simple decision, but you probably already know which side we’re leaning more towards.

Straight Talk lets you use more unlimited data, has more device options, and offers higher-end plans with more hotspot capabilities. It can also host more devices, as it can still use multiple networks to provide service. And if you happen to be using Verizon’s tower, Big Red is known for offering amazing coverage in the USA. That’s about where the benefits end, though.

Mint Mobile seems to offer more value across the board. Prices are lower, and you usually get more for your money unless you start moving up to the more expensive Straight Talk plans. You can also get a nice introductory price as a new customer and save even cash from the get-go.

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