Gentler Streak rebuilds Apple Watch app with major changes

The 2022 Apple Watch App of the Year, Gentler Streak, has just released update 4.4 with a rebuilt Apple Watch app and improved guidance for users who usually overreach in their workouts.

With that, the fitness tracker that wants to help users become conscious about their wellbeing while working out has built its Apple Watch app from the bottom up to make it faster, more accurate, and more battery-saving than its previous iteration.

While it might look the same, users will have a far more reliable experience from now on. Since the app makes you aware of whether you should give a little more during a workout or stop, it’s a better option than Apple’s stock Workouts app.

Image source: Gentler Streak

Still, this isn’t the only major upgrade with version 4.4. The developer explains that the Daily Fitness Status feature has been expanded, bringing actionable guidance to the Streak tab. By considering your age and gender, the app is more proactive in warning you that pushing your body excessively without adequate rest can result in muscle fatigue, decreased performance, or even regression with a higher risk of injury.

To prevent that, update 4.4 helps you stay within your healthy activity levels during a workout, prioritizing recovery between sessions while providing insights into your sleep and other body signals to support a sustainably active lifestyle.

Image source: Gentler Streak

“This update has been on the table for a long while. We were aware the overreaching status did not always reflect people’s states best, as every situation was treated the same. Now, we’ve refined our approach by breaking down this status into multiple categories, taking into account where users were in their Activity Path before pushing themselves beyond health limits. We developed adequate logic that fits individuals’ daily capabilities and supports their fitness journey more adequately,” says the developers behind the app.

In addition, Gentler Streak has added six new icons for users. Three of them are part of a social media challenge. The developers highlight icons from the renowned Apple community member Basic Apple Guy and artists Sara Kajba and frecelovro. They are under the app’s Profile > Settings > App Icon.

Image source: Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak is free to download. Its Monthly subscription is $7.99, Premium Yearly is $49.99 with Family Sharing included, and $139.99 lifetime with Family Sharing included. A 50% offer is also always available for new users, but with Valentine’s Day approaching, there’s a limited 40% off deal on a yearly subscription with family sharing for existing users.

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