Cisco’s Mac choice scheme confirms Apple’s future in enterprise tech

Two-thirds of employees would use a Mac at work if given the choice, and companies that fail to offer hardware options to their employees are making a mistake.

That’s one of the inferences I see reprised in a report exploring Cisco’s approach to Mac deployment across its business that crossed my desk last week. Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin looked at Cisco’s Mac enterprise team, now led by former IBM CIO Fletcher Previn.

At IBM, Previn shared vast amounts of internal data to show that employees preferred Macs and those who do cost the company less in tech support, are more loyal, and they’re more productive.

“Mac users are happier and more productive,” Previn said.

He believes the IT you provide to workers reflects how your company thinks about its employees. One way to show respect: offer them platform choice.

Bajarin says too many companies don’t — and even those that seemingly do offer platform options do so half-heartedly, without full tech support. 

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