Best Internet Promotions of October 2022

There’s more to a great internet deal than high speeds and low pricing. Things like unlimited data and no contract requirements are nice to have as well, but there’s perhaps no deal sweetener better than free stuff. When shopping for a new internet service, you might be surprised by the freebies internet providers are giving away.

Available internet promotions vary by ISP and possibly even your location and the plan you choose, but gift cards, streaming service subscriptions, free equipment and bill credits are among the most common offers I’ve seen. Below, you’ll find my top picks for the best internet promotions for the month of October. Such offers are subject to change and they do change often, so check back regularly to avoid missing out on any limited-time freebies.

Top internet promos for October 2022

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How to get it: Sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection. 

Verizon is really encouraging customers to sign up for gig service. In addition to free equipment rental, new gig customers can also receive an Amazon Echo Show 10, $300 off a Stream TV Soundbar or Soundbar Pro, plus the choice of a free Disney Plus subscription for six months and 2TB of storage, or a free MoCA Ethernet adapter and a $50 Xbox gift card. 

That’s quite the offer. To get it, you’ll need to keep your new Verizon Fios Gigabit service in good standing for 65 days, then redeem the offer online within 60 days.

What if you don’t want or need gigabit speeds? Verizon still has something for you, but it won’t be nearly as enticing. New customers who sign up for 500Mbps can get an Echo Show 5 and $200 off a soundbar. The 300Mbps plan expectedly comes with a bit less: an Echo Dot and $100 off a soundbar.

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Verizon Fios

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How to get it: Sign up online for a Frontier Fiber plan.

Frontier’s promotional offers vary by plan. To get the grand prize — an “ultrafast” Wi-Fi 6E system and free activation — you’ll have to sign up for Frontier’s new multigig plan, Fiber 2 Gig. At $150 per month, the 2Gbps service is priced a bit higher than others, but the promotional offer does help with that. Frontier’s gig service comes with a $200 gift card while the Fiber 500/500 plan comes with a $100 gift card.

One caveat about Frontier’s special offers: They come with a one-year contract requirement, so you can’t sign up for Fiber 2 Gig, get your free Wi-Fi system, then cancel service without penalty. Even if you accept the $100 gift card, it will come with a one-year service agreement. Canceling before your contract is up can mean early termination fees that may outweigh the value of gift cards or other offers, so make sure you’re ready to commit before accepting any special promotions. You can opt out of the special offers when signing up for Frontier internet online.

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Frontier Communications

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How to get it: Order any AT&T Fiber plan online. 

AT&T is known for frequently giving away gift cards, and this October is no exception. All AT&T Fiber plans — that’s AT&T Fiber 300, 500 and 1000 along with the new multi-gig plans available in select areas — come with a $200 gift card just for signing up. The gift card offer is not available with AT&T Internet (a DSL-based service) or AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet.

The $200 gift card is a nice bonus in itself, but you can score an additional $100 gift card when you sign up for any AT&T Fiber plan online for a grand total of $300 in gift cards.

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How to get it: Sign up online for Optimum 300, 500 or gigabit plans.

New customers signing up for Optimum internet 300Mbps, 500Mbps and gig plans can get a gift card in the amount of $100 or $200. Optimum 300 and Optimum 500 come with a $100 gift card, while signing up for Optimum Gig will get you the $200 gift card. Optimum 100, a low-cost plan available in select locations, does not come with a gift card.

Gift cards aren’t a particularly new promotional offer from Optimum, but the price guarantee is. Optimum internet plans now come with a two-year price guarantee. As always, there are no contract requirements, so you can lock in your monthly price for two years without getting locked into a service contract.

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Optimum Internet

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How to get it: Qualifying customers in the NYC metro area will receive two free months of service when signing up for the 500Mbps, 940Mbps or 1,200Mbps plans.

Astound’s internet offers vary by location and are a bit all over the place. New York City customers can get the biggest payout — two free months of service just for signing up for one of the provider’s three fastest plans. Those who sign up for the cheapest plan, 250Mbps, will receive a free modem but no free months of service. Residents of the DC metro, Lehigh Valley or Chicago areas may receive a $100 or $200 gift card depending on your location and the plan you choose.

In other areas where Astound service is available, like the greater Boston area and various Texas cities, the only offer is free installation. It’s not much, especially when compared with a $200 gift card or three months of free service, but it could save you around $99 off the initial cost of signing up.

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Internet promotion FAQs

Who has the best internet offer?

Currently, Verizon Fios has arguably the best internet promotion running, if you’re interested in gigabit service. New customers will receive free equipment, an Amazon Echo Show 10 card, $300 off a Stream TV Soundbar or Soundbar Pro, plus the choice of a free Disney Plus subscription for six months and 2TB of storage, or a free MoCA Ethernet adapter and a $50 Xbox gift card. 

You’ll find more gift card promotions from AT&T Fiber, Frontier Fiber, HughesNet and Optimum, as all are giving away high-dollar gift cards up to $200 or higher. If you’re looking for free service, Astound is giving away two free months of service in select areas.

Is the promo offer worth signing up for a new internet service?

Promotional offers are all well and good, but they shouldn’t be the sole consideration when choosing an internet service or particular plan. The best bang for your buck will often lie in the plan that delivers the speed you need for the lowest price. Anything extra on top of that, such as gift cards or free streaming services, is welcome, but if it entices you into paying a premium for more speed than you need, the signup bonus may not have been worth it.

For example, let’s say you’re shopping for Frontier Fiber internet and are interested in the 500Mbps plan, which comes with a $100 gift card. Then you see the gig plan, which is $20 more per month, and decide the $200 gift card is worth the upgrade. After less than a year, the extra $100 you got with gig service is gone and you’re left paying $20 a month more for a plan that may have more speed than you need. In short, always try to go with the best plan for your needs, not necessarily the plan with the highest upfront gratification.

What other internet promotions are available?

Kinetic is offering a $100 instant credit when you sign up online, but other than the promos listed above, there isn’t much worth writing home about. Sure, some providers have lower introductory pricing or free install offers, but that’s so common among ISPs now that they could hardly be considered “promos.”

That’s not to say that other special offers aren’t available, they’re just not as heavily advertised or may not be available to all residential customers. When signing up for a new internet service, ask the internet provider what other special offer they can throw in for you.

Can existing internet customers get promotional offers?

Internet promos are often reserved for new customers or returning customers who have been away for more than a year. That’s not to say a lower price or a deal on upgrading to a faster speed isn’t available, though. Try calling your current ISP and ask what it can do to keep your business. That may get you nothing, but it could get you a lower rate, free equipment or something else that wasn’t advertised online. Hey, you never know, it never hurts to ask.

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