Bad Bunny, Barbie, Home Alone, and 8 Other Pop Culture Airbnbs

Singer Bad Bunny poses in front of his black big rig.

It is my firm belief that only Bad Bunny could make a black big rig look like an appealing place to stay. And it is cool: A floor-to-ceiling pink bedroom complete with its own mini staircase and flower bed seems pretty dope.

Bad Bunny’s truck is just one example of the pop culture stays from the world of cinema, music, and TV that Airbnb whips up every once in a while. Guests interested in chilling at these jaw-dropping properties have to request a booking on Airbnb’s website. As you can imagine, the bookings are extremely limited, which means you probably have to ask your entire friend group to cross their fingers to have a chance at obtaining a slot.

The list of stays ranges from BTS—insert ARMY fangirl squeal—and Barbie to Carrie Bradshaw and Home Alone. You can check out some of our favorites below.

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