Atlassian doubles down on automation with new capabilities for Confluence

Atlassian has announced new automation capabilities for its Confluence collaborative workspace platform, allowing customers to set up rules that streamline processes and remove the need for repetitive manual work.

Automation is something that Atlassian has been investing in for a while and that has now become a core part of its platform, said Erika Trautman, head of product for work management at Atlassian. The company first rolled out new automation capabilities to its Jira platform in 2020, and Trautman said it will not stop with Confluence: it plans to launch additional automation functionality in other products in future.

“The value proposition for Confluence is interesting and a little bit different than it is for Jira, because Confluence is the place where your company’s most important assets live,” Trautman said. “It’s where knowledge is shared and work advances.”

As content continues to proliferate within organizations, it’s vital that employees don’t have to waste time trying to surface important information or become distracted by unnecessary or misleading noise, she said.

“There’s a gazillion little tasks that just feel so unimportant and mundane and humans don’t like to do them and therefore don’t do them,” Trautman said. “Automation [allows you to] focus on what matters most.”

The new automation capabilities for Confluence are powered by the Atlassian platform, activated by triggers, conditions, and actions built into rules that can be customized to fit specific customer needs.

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