Apple doesn’t want a metaverse, it wants a better universe

The news that Apple hasn’t joined an all-new industry alliance that seems mostly led by its competitors isn’t terribly surprising.

Augmented and virtual reality shouldn’t be defined as virtual designer shopping experiences, NFTs, and escapism — these powerful tools should become solutions that extend and embrace our existing universe. 

What’s the story?

Apple apparently declined to join a new outfit called the Metaverse Standards Forum, which already includes some of the bigger names in this new dimension. Member companies presently include Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, Adobe, and some of Apple’s biggest competitors, including Facebook (now Meta) and Epic Games.

For what it’s worth, Alphabet also hasn’t signed up with the group, which describes itself as a space in which companies and standards organizations “foster alignment” on “metaverse interoperability standards.” To achieve this, the group says it will “accelerate” standards development by running, “pragmatic, action-based projects.”

What is the Metaverse Standards Forum?

The idea behind these “action-based projects” is, apparently, to help different visions of the metaverse work together, which all sounds great within a certain Overton Window. What could possibly not be great about being able to step seamlessly between virtual experiences in these virtual worlds — particularly if they all offer the chance to spend non-virtual cash on virtual designer clothes. That joy is palpable.

More specifically, the Forum says it may get involved in “diverse tech domains,” such as:

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