Apache Doris just ‘graduated’: Why care about this SQL data warehouse

In case you are wondering who “she” is and what school she went to, Doris is an open source, massively parallel processing (MPP) analytical data warehouse that was under development at Apache Incubator.

Last week, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) said that Doris had achieved top-level status, which according to the foundation means that a project “has proven its ability to be properly self-governed.” 

The SQL-based data warehouse, which utilizes MySQL analytics, was recently released in version 1.0, its eighth release while undergoing development at the incubator, along with six Connector releases linking Doris to various analytics and processing technologies. It has been built to support online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads, often used in data science scenarios, among others.

Doris was born inside Chinese internet search giant Baidu, dubbed as Palo then, as a data warehousing system for its advertisement business before being open sourced in 2017 and entering the Apache Incubator in 2018.

Doris has roots in Apache Impala and Google Mesa

Doris is based on the technology integration of Google Mesa and Apache Impala, an open source MPP SQL query engine developed in 2012 and based on the underpinnings of Google F1.

Mesa, which was designed around 2014 to be a highly scalable analytic data warehousing system, was used to store critical measurement data related to Google’s Internet advertising business.

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