A Perfectly Andor Star Wars Reveal

Andor (Diego Luna) looks toward his future.

Andor (Diego Luna) looks toward his future.
Image: Lucasfilm

As the final credits rolled on what has been some of the best Star Wars of all time, you almost didn’t want to see Andor do anything that might be considered derivative of modern blockbuster entertainment. No big cameos, no huge surprises, just good old-fashioned storytelling. But then something popped up at the end of the credits and, well, it was perfect in a very Andor way.

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In case you missed it, as credits ended, we’re cut in tight on some kind of surface. Droids are putting pieces into it and, quickly, we recognize those pieces are the things Cassian and his fellow prisoners on Narkina 5 were making every single day. The camera continues to pull back and, at that point, yes, your guess was correct. The pieces are part of the weapon that’s at the center of the Death Star, which is finally revealed in its full, under-construction glory in the last shot.

Most fans know that chronologically, after the events of Andor season two come the events of Rogue One. Cassian is going to meet Jyn Erso and team up with a group of heroes to steal the plans of this battle station, leading to its destruction, and their deaths. So in that aspect, this scene acts as a perfect tease for the future. Cassian’s destiny is leading toward this, and he had a part in building it. However, if for some reason you were watching Andor and didn’t know that, it also acts as an exciting Star Wars reveal: “Whoa. The Death Star.” So it works on both levels.

the death star being built

It’s coming.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

By putting this scene here at the end of the credits though, the show does exactly what it’s done so well all season. We get a piece of information that we’ve been craving (what were the prisoners building?) in a way that forwards and teases what’s ahead (the Death Star, as well as Cassian’s fate), but also doesn’t reveal anything of true significance to the story or characters. There’s no tease of K-2SO. No hint of Cassian meeting Mon Mothma. It’s a separate, but still rewarding, addition.

Plus, you don’t have to see this scene to understand what’s coming next. If you turned off the episode when the credits began, you can pick up next season and be totally fine. It’s not like a Marvel scene where if you missed it you might be completely lost. “How did Captain Marvel know about this?” or “Wait, when did we learn that T’Challa had [spoiler here]?” No, this is just a bonus. A fun addition for anyone who wants that little bit more, which is simultaneously important and not in the overall scheme of things. And how Andor is that?

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