3 killer apps for cloud-based generative AI

I’ve been working with artificial intelligence systems since the 1980s. Back then, AI was considered a revolution in leveraging computer systems to achieve unheard-of capabilities.

Things are much the same today with generative AI (genAI). But to avoid the mistakes made during the first generations of AI systems, businesses must understand what AI is valid for and what it is not.

It’s 1988, all over again

Attempting to compare 1980s vintage AI, including Lisp and M1, to today’s machine learning and genAI capabilities is a bit unfair. Back then, AI systems cost many millions of dollars and had much less AI functionality.

However, many mistakes made AI go away, while other, more direct solutions were leveraged for businesses. The most apparent mistake was the misapplication of AI for use cases where AI provided little value.

Even with my teenage brain, I knew that transactional systems, such as sales order entry, were not good fits for AI. Nevertheless, I was given the order to build such things, knowing full well that I was killing an ant with a sledgehammer. An expensive sledgehammer at that.

This is largely why AI fell out of favor for most businesses. Years later, it has now returned as deep learning, machine learning, and machine learning doing generative AI.

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